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As an instructor trainer for the Pilates Suspension Method, I'm passionate about sharing this transformative technique with you.

Whether you're an instructor, trainer, or individual looking to delve deeper into the method or incorporate it into your health practice, I invite you to join one of my upcoming courses.

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Throughout the year, we offer challenges like "30 Days to a Healthier You" and "14 Days to Connect Your Core," enriching your wellness journey. With a focus on accountability, we're here to support you in staying committed to your goals and investing in your future self.

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Pilates Suspension Method

The Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) combines traditional and contemporary mat Pilates and equipment-based Pilates exercises and performs them on any type of suspension apparatus.  Each PSM exercise is Pilates rooted and is also done in many of the traditional Pilates series.  The PSM is designed to teach in a group or one-on-one setting

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Instructor Courses

Unlock the potential of your practice by becoming trained in the Pilates Suspension Method. Whether you're a Pilates instructor, personal trainer, or health professional, or simply passionate about enhancing your clients' experience, our training program equips you with the skills and knowledge to integrate this innovative method into your repertoire.

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Mat, Dumbbell, Equipment...

No matter your fitness level or experience, our classes are designed to challenge and inspire you, helping you unlock your inner strength and achieve your wellness goals. Join us and discover the endless possibilities of Pilates at Forever Athlete Pilates & Strength.

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Skill Builders

Short videos designed to dive further into your movement and get you strong and mobile throughout the body. You can hop in and watch a short video and work on a skillset that's been challenging for you or one that you want to learn more about.



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Pilates with Michelle is on it's final rebranding phase to "Forever Athlete". I am super pumped about this shift. I've been working really hard over the last few years trying to own into what I feel called to do and after watching my dad these last few years with my mom and how he walked with my mom through her passing, I knew I wanted to get out and be the voice of movement in a powerful way. You see, at the young age of 83, my dad was able to continue to golf when he could and still work with my mom. Move her from room to room, do all things caretakers do and still work to try and keep some equilibrium in his world. In fact, he is 84 and is out on the slopes as I write this, skiing for the first time since my mom got really sick. 84. He still skis, golfs, and so much more like climbing ladders and all the things. He's a powerhouse of movement. He has said since I can remember, use it or you lose it. I've kept that mantra and am basing my brand on him. We can all be a Forever Athlete, if we want. We just have to decide.

How does that fit in with Pilates? I believe Pilates at it's core is about the method of movement. I believe the magic lies in the principles of Pilates like breath and centering and control. When we move with purposeful movement EVERYTHING we do becomes better and "easier" to do for LONGER. Meaning we get to golf longer, play pickleball longer, hike longer, row longer, do LIFE on our own terms longer.

Strength is imperative to this process of gaining the ability to do life on our own terms. Yes, I believe strength is a part of the Pilates method, however, it's not typically a strength training regimen. So, with my background in Exercise Science and personal training, I'm headed into a new certification called Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and will be adding in more strength training workouts focusing on dumbbell and barbell work.

500+ hour Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, Balanced Body
B.S. Exercise Science
ACE - CPT and Group Fitness


“I started Pilates earlier this year. After trying a few different channels I am so happy I found Michelle’s!! She is great at keeping the workout fun and engaging! I find myself looking forward to my workouts, instead of dreading them like I have in the past. You can tell she has many years of experience as she is very creative with her workouts! She really knows her stuff!!!” -- Kaylyn Morse

“I have subscribed to two other Channels before finding Pilates on Demand. This channel is amazing!!!!!The instructor has great queuing and I love how creative these workouts are. I don’t have time to drive across town to go to a session. This channel keeps me engaged and I enjoy the Michelle’s energy and humor. You can tell that the instructor is very passionate and comes with a-lot of experience. I just love it!” -- Jessica Hanika

“Michelle’s compassion for Pilates is infectious!! Nothing makes Michelle happier than choreographing a new ab or arm sequence and sharing her love of Pilates. This creativity comes from her vast knowledge of anatomy and Pilates. She explains the Pilates principles and encourages us to to incorporate these principles into daily life. I learn something new every class with Michelle which makes me want to learn more. My journey with Pilates continues to grow because of Michelle’s dedication to health and wellness.” -- Leslie Sloan

“I started doing Pilates classes four months ago and I also have done some privates with Michele. She is not only a great instructor but also a very motivating personal instructor . Michele shows a lot of expertise in her training. She know the muscles of the body well and has a way of encouraging me to push myself to stretch just a little farther or work just a bit harder. She tailors movement and positions to each individuals needs. I now am much stronger with more flexibility.I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to develop more strength and flexibility, toning and/or rehab.” -- Julie Gallegos